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Sam Hemmings, Design Consultant


Closely located near to the M5 with easy access to Gloucester, Cheltenham and Bristol, Design Fibre is run by design consultant, Sam Hemmings from professional office premises in Stroud.

With branding expertise spanning 20 years and technical versatility for websites, video and print, Sam has successfully delivered projects for large organisations and many small businesses.

We are always interested to meet new people and would be pleased to work with you on your web design or design support project. Contact us today to find out how we can help. 

To find out more, call Sam on 07760 265660 or email


Meet Sam


How we work

Direct communication with an experienced designer.

(No middle managers or account handlers)



Design counts for little if your ideas and objectives are not fully understood. 

Once we've said hello, we will ask you lots of questions that help us clarify your business and the work involved.

We’ll discuss the finished outputs and then provide an estimate for costs with a time schedule.

Before take off

  • Understand your products and services
  • Research market and competitors
  • Identify, objectives, business goals, problems that need to be addressed
  • Form brief


Your brand personality has to be reflected accurately whether it be in a website, video, e-shot or a piece of printed literature.

Based on initial research, we get visual with early ideas and concepts.

We run early designs by you for feedback so we get our designs right.

Starting the propeller

  • Work together
  • Seek differenciaton
  • Establish key communication points
  • Produce early stage concepts and ideas
  • Agree path forward


Once you are onboard with concept work, its time to pull out all the stops. 

This is the fun part for any designer, when the fruition of thoughts and ideas turn into reality.

Gathering necessary content, and using the design framework agreed, to create a memorable piece of communication.

Design Acrobatics

  • Gather content (websites)
  • Refine concepts / visual designs
  • Present designs for review
  • Finalise concept
  • Production
  • Artwork
  • Test


During this phase, I will amend and test to make sure the final design output meets the quality you and your customers expect.

Once I receive sign off, we launch the design out into the wider world. Open communication and dialogue on the projects impact will enable ideas and options for further marketing advancement for your business.

Safe landing

  • Amend
  • Final testing
  • Sign Off
  • Monitor
  • Review